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New Gallup research shows that managers, not the work itself, are the 5 greatest causes of employee burnout:
(1) Unfair treatment at #work
(2) Unmanageable workload
(3) Lack of role clarity
(4) Lack of communication & support from a manager
(5) Unreasonable time pressure

Amazed by the calm and the humanity of the air traffic controller. He knew that this would most probably end badly and that his life would change forever, but he kept being nice and doing whatever he could to help the guy up there who caused the situation #seatac #horizonair

This is the #HorizonAir employee (Richard Russell) who allegedly stole an airplane from Seattle #SeaTac International airport and crashed into a wooded area 40 miles away.

The Alaska Airlines Plane is more interesting to watch with a soundtrack.

#AlaskaAirlines #SeaTac

Photos of the two F-15s scrambling out of KPDX this evening to intercept the stolen Q400 https://t.co/OWSAcWA2tL

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